What Does Race to 10 Mean and How it Works?

A race to 10 bets is placing a bet on the first team to hit 10 points in a game before the other. If none of the teams gets the given points by the end of the game, your bet will be considered void. Football is the most common game where people get to bet on Race to 10 bets.

Let us take an instance where you follow a particular time, and you have learned their trends. Either the team is a fast starter that always takes the early lead, or they are a team that starts slow and is always beaten within a few minutes after the start of a game.

Such games are better if you do not wager on full-time spreads. Instead, you may settle for the race to 10 bets to make it profitable.

Race to 10 Points Bet Details

We shall use an example from American Football teams;

Arizona cardinals -270

New England Patriots +190

In this illustration, a bettor would bet whether the cardinals or the patriots would score ten points before the other team. If the selected team gets 10 points before the other, then the ‘race to 10’ win will be successful.

In many cases, the game odds always match the pre-game odds featured in the money line. Therefore, the underdog teams are precious in such bets because they only have to score 10 points before the other team. They do not necessarily have to win the game or a specific spread.

While the race to 10 is primarily offered in football and basketball, not every sportsbook will have the option for games such as hockey and baseball. But you can check for its availability on other websites.

How to Place a Race to 10 Bet

On your device, select the game you would like to wager on. Next, look if the sportsbook races to 10 features by selecting 'more wager' in the game menu. If the feature is available, select the race to 10 option, then place your bet. 

Please remember that some sportsbooks will use "home" and "away" instead of the initial team names. Consequently, you need to have information about the team playing home and the one playing away before you place a bet.

After settling on the team that will score the 10 points before the other, click on the selection and confirm if the wager amount corresponds with the given odds. Once done, confirm the bet and see how it turns out once the game kicks off.

If you want to bet on the race to ten bets from a betting shop in your locality, head over to the cashier and tell them you want to place a “race to points” wager. If your selected dealer has the prop among their selection, they will review the given odds for the game and help you make a bet. 

Choose your stake amount and if you are comfortable with the odds, give the money to your cashier. The cashier will then hand you a bet slip which you need to keep in a safe place as you wait for the outcome.

What Strategy Works for a Race to 10 Bet?

Although this strategy has not been proven to be 100% effective, it is worth mentioning it. The best way to go around this bet is by finding a team that performs better in the first quarter. Most races to 1o bets are targeted for the first quarter plays.

Also, the team to consider should be an underdog in the league because they attract the most lucrative odds. Therefore, there are very minimal chances that they might win, but it is known that smaller teams in any league or sports tend to start on a higher note. You, therefore, have a shot of making it before the game gets defensive as the match continues.

To find such a team, take your time going through the stats. For example, you could start by looking into the average points in the first quarter and the maximum allowed points in this quarter. The teams with the highest points will be listed here, so you can proceed to pick one that seems promising.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Bet on Race to 10 Bets?
On your sportsbook, click on the drop-down menu and determine if your sportsbook races to 10 prop. If it is not directly available from the menu, check the lines provided, and you might get it there. Then, ensure you click on the race to 10 option and wager the required amount.
Which Sports Offer the Best Race to 10 Options?
Race to 10 mainly works for American football, but basketball has options for the race to x bets. You could be lucky to find one game that favors your bet amount.


Race to ten is an extensive choice of bet that would give some good returns if you know what you are doing. Even though it has not been fully explored, there are chances that many punters out there are getting good returns. So try playing and see how good it takes you.

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