What does “dropping odds” mean in soccer betting?

The meaning of dropping odds in soccer betting is exactly what the phrase implies. The odds posted before a game by bookmakers have gone down prior to the game actually getting started.

Odds dropping - and rising for that matter - are extremely common as developments occur that could have an effect on the game. Dropping odds can also represent a good betting opportunity for the savvy gambler.

The common assumption for the reason the odds have dropped is because something of significance has occurred that could change the outcome of the game.

The reasons for the possibility of this happening are seemingly endless, including injuries, trades, projected weather conditions, etc.

While all of this is often true to at least some extent, sometimes the odds drop for the simple reason the bookmakers are receiving an excess of bets on one team over the other and they want to even things out.

Also, remember the odds are posted days and sometimes even longer before a match is actually played, so there's plenty of time for a bookmaker to reconsider.

There is no set strategy of how to handle dropping odds as a gambler. One way to avoid a drop is to simply make your bet as soon as possible and before they change.

There is nearly always some sort of change up or down on the odds from where they were originally posted. As such, you might want to wait until they stabilize to get a feel for the probability of what might happen.

This can apply to a host of betting options in soccer, including wagering on the points spread, the winner, the over/under on goals scored and clean sheets, which occur when one team holds the other scoreless.

You can also use dropping odds as an opportunity to increase your chances of winning and receiving a higher payout.

The trickier part about dropping odds is knowing the right time to make the bet. Some gamblers may also be intimidated by rapidly changing odds into making decisions for the wrong reasons.

In short, it's a fine line because while bookmakers may have new information to change the odds, it's also possible they have made the change to protect themselves from a larger-than-usual number of payouts. In other words, they are trying to lure people into betting on a particular team or over/under goal total.

When dealing with dropping odds, you want to really be on the ball. Suppose you hear a credible report that a team has lost a star player because of an injury or drug suspension.

You might be able to place your bet before the bookmakers have had time to adjust their odds. In addition, there are websites that keep track of dropping odds and these can also be used to your advantage.

One form of gambling that has become increasingly popular is in-play betting. This means you can wager on certain aspects and outcomes of a game after it has started.

With in-play betting, the odds are constantly dropping and rising because they are a reaction to how the game is unfolding. You can also use in-play, dropping-odds betting to your advantage with a correct hunch of where the game is headed.

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