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What Does (-115) Mean in Soccer Betting?

If youโ€™re wondering what does -115 mean in soccer betting, youโ€™ve come to the right place! Today, we will try to explain what -115 means and provide you with a few examples for you to better understand how the betting odds work and how to use them.

In straightforward terms, -115 in soccer betting is the odds on a match, presented in American format. It is essentially the same thing as 1.87 in decimal odds or 5/6 in fractional odds โ€“ they all represent the same thing; however, they are explained differently.

What Does -115 Mean?

As covered above, the -115 is nothing more than betting odds written in American format. Gamblers who use American bookmakers will have a very easy time understanding what -115 represents, while European bettors might wonder why there is a need to complicate the fairly simple-to-understand decimal format.

Still, things arenโ€™t as complicated as they may seem.

The American odds use a plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to the figure to indicate which team is favored to win. So, if you see a team priced with -115, theyโ€™re the betting favorites, while the opposite holds true with positive odds (+115).

Now that we got the basics out of the way, itโ€™s time to focus on the most important part: whatโ€™s the purpose of the mathematical symbols? And again, the answer is very simple.

  • The minus (-) sign next to the odds indicate the amount of money you need to stake to win $100. 
  • The plus (+) sign indicates the amount of money you will win for every $100 staked.


For this example, letโ€™s take a look at a soccer match between Liverpool and Tottenham. Liverpool are priced at -115, while the bookies priced Tottenham at +110.

From what we have learned above, we know that Liverpool are the favorites, while Tottenham are the underdog for this match. That is evident from the mathematical sign next to their betting odds.

The second thing we have learned above is how the betting odds will affect your payout.

If you bet on Liverpool at -115, you need to place a $115 wager to earn $100. If you bet on Tottenham, a $100 bet would earn you $110.

Itโ€™s a very simple concept that works with all figures you can imagine.

If we assume the odds have moved to -150 for Liverpool and +130 for Tottenham, you will need to place a $150 wager on Liverpool to win $100, while a $100 bet on the Tottenham will earn you $130.

How Do American Odds Work?

The examples above all used the American odds, which, as the name would suggest, is the most popular format in North America. Any betting odds that use plus (+) or minus (-) sign will fall into this category.

The main thing to know about American odds is what the mathematical symbols mean, which, as covered above, tell you how much money you need to place to win $100 (minus) OR how much money you will win if you put $100 (plus).

A number that could catch you off guard is -100. However, if you use the explanation we have provided about the American Odds, you would quickly figure out that -100 is basically an even money bet.

At -100, you need to place $100 to win $100, i.e., a bet that earns you the exact same amount of money you place on it.

With all negative figures beyond -100, the odds are against you, and you will make less profit for every $100 you place. The opposite holds true for positive figures, where any figure above +100 earns you more money for every wager you place.

Note: -100 or +100 would essentially mean the same thing; however, the correct way to write an even money bet is -100.

Alternative Explanation to the -115 Betting Odds

We have explained that the minus sign next to the odds tell you how much money you need to place to win $100, but we havenโ€™t answered how much money you will earn by putting $100 on the -115 odds.

Although it seems like you need a mathematical degree to figure out the answer, you only really need a calculator. A gift for dividing triple-figure numbers does the trick as well.

To find an answer of how much money you will earn with a $100 bet on -115 odds, you simply need to divide the amount of money you have wagered with the odds (without the negative sign). In this case, you would be dividing 100 by 115.


Assuming you wagered $100 on odds of -115, you need to divide your bet ($100) with the odds (115).

The equation of 100/115 results in 0.86956.

Since you canโ€™t get paid in one-tenth of a penny, you need to round up the number to two decimal places. This leaves us with 0.87, which you need to multiply by 100, and voila, you are left with 87 - the amount of money you will earn with a $100 bet on -115 odds.


  • Divide the amount you have wagered by the betting odds (without the minus)
  • Round the result to two decimal places (0.XX)
  • Multiply by 100
  • Find you how much profit* you will make from your bet.

*Keep in mind that the result you will get indicates the profit you will make and not the amount of money you will receive. The total payout of your bet is profit + the initial stake.

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