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State law doesn’t permit Virginia online casinos to operate. However, land-based casinos are on the way, and many believe that their online cousins won’t be far behind. In this article we take a look at the current casino gambling situation in Virginia and explore what the future may hold.

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Gambling Legislation in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia does not have online casino laws. That's because this form of gambling is neither licensed nor sanctioned by the state. However, land-based casinos have been approved and are on their way. Laws do exist for those, and also for sportsbooks.

In order to actually play at a casino in Virginia, you must be at least 21 years of age. However, if you simply want to visit a casino, that minimum age does not apply.

Other forms of online gambling that are allowed in the state include fantasy sports, the lottery and horse racing. The biggest development, however, was the approval of online sportsbooks apps in 2020. These came online in early 2021. There are now five fully licensed sports apps up and running in the state.

The law regarding the other forms of gambling requires you to be 21 for betting on sports apps. You can bet on daily fantasy sports, the lottery and horse racing when you turn 18.

Where Can You Play Virginia Online Casino Games?

In terms of playing approved online casino-type games in Virginia, there are no options available. However, the hope is that this form of betting may appear in the state before too long.

The good news for Virginia gamblers is casino gambling is on its way in land-based casinos. Five of these physical casinos have been approved and are scheduled to open over the next couple of years. There's also the possibility of additional Virginia land-based casinos coming into existence soon.

The general consensus - or least hope by Virginia gamblers -  is for online casinos to eventually be approved. There appears to be no immediate rush by lawmakers to approve them. At this point all bettors can do is remain patient.

Best Virginia Online Casinos

We have said that there are currently no Virginia online casinos. But it would come as no surprise if this were to change by the end of decade. After all, who would have guessed a few years ago that Virginia would change its long-time anti-gambling stance and approve licensed sports apps within its state borders?

DraftKings and FanDuel are likely candidates to be approved if Virginia were to permit online casinos. Both of these operators are already available to Virginia residents for daily fantasy sports. BetMGM is also a likely choice to be an approved if the state adopts online casino gambling. Other possibilities include Golden Nugget, Caesars and BetRivers, which already is operating in the state for sports bets.


FanDuel was one of the first sportsbook apps in the country and it's a heayvweight in the industry. It is famous for its $1,000 risk-free bet on its sports app as well as providing a multitude of casino games. This extensive list includes online slots as well as online table games like blackjack and baccarat.  In addition, it offers video poker and specialty games like keno.

FanDuel started offering fantasy sports in 2009 and is considered an expert in providing gambling advice and analysis. It is also known for offering betting opportunities on the full  range of  United States professional and collegiate sports as well international sports. In addition to the risk-free bet, it has many other bonuses and promotions that can easily be found on its user-friendly website. Among its fantasy sports perks are no commitments and instant payoffs.


Another one of the pioneers in terms of offering both daily fantasy sports and sports wagering, DraftKings is another one of the biggest sportsbooks apps in the nation. It is well regarded for its excellent website that makes it easy for gamblers to handle their banking and betting needs.

DraftKings provides a plethora of options when it comes to providing the different American and international sports you can bet on as well as the types of wagers than can be made. It is also known for having some of the best odds in the industry and a welcome bonus up to $1,000. Furthermore, it offers a deposit bonus up to $500, which is available for both existing and new account holders.

DraftKings is consistently rated as one of the best for fantasy sports. Its other attractions include live betting on the phone and fast cash-out features. As for casino-type games, you name it and DraftKings probably has it. It has over 100 games available including slots, table games such as blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette, and live dealer games. It also has some in-house games that are unique to its site.


BetMGM is also a heavy hitter in the world of gambling. Among its many casino games are a full range of slots, and table games like blackjack, roulette and poker. All kinds of video poker game options are available along with specialty games and scratch-offs. In addition to risk-free bets and deposit bonuses, BetMGM provides various discounts, rewards, and other bonuses at its land-based MGM resorts for those who create an online account. BetMGM has a mobile app that makes it very easy for you to handle your banking needs, place bets and play casino games.

Choosing the Best Virginia Online Casinos

There are currently no online casinos in Virginia to choose from, but that situation could change. If and when it does, there will be several things to consider when choosing the best one for you.

Game Selection

Gamblers have their own personal preferences when it comes to the kind of online casino games they like to play. When selecting an online casino for this purpose, you want to choose one that has all kinds of options. In this case more is better. Why? Because more choice means you could find more opportunities to increase your winnings. Furthermore, choice is important because gamblers are often more comfortable with one game overe another. For instance, a card player might very well understand the ins and out of blackjack as opposed to poker.

The casinos usually offer as many games as possible for one simple reason: They want your business.

Ease of Use

The first thing new bettors need to realize is there are two types of online casinos. One is where you need to download and install software. The other is when you don't need to download anything at all.

Obviously, you want it to be simple because you are on the site to have fun and hopefully make money. You don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the thing works in terms of betting and your banking options. It's best to educate yourself on the process before making bets or depositing money.

Keep in mind some software programs offer more game options than others. For the most part they all offer the most popular games that include craps, video poker, slots, blackjack and roulette.

Make sure you have access to the games you enjoy most before going any further. Another very good idea is to play some free games before betting real money. Free games are almost always available on these sites. It will give you peace of mind to practice a bit before putting your own real money on the line.

Promotions and Bonuses

You also want an online casino that is user friendly in terms of making it easy to find and understand the bonuses and promotions. The reason they are offered, of course, is to attract your business and keep you as a steady customer.

The various promotions and bonuses will vary by website and most of them will change over time. If you use more than one online casino, it's a good idea to keep your eye on what is currently being offered in order to secure the best deal.

The list of available promotions and bonuses is long. Most operators offer new player or welcome bonuses. These are normally displayed quite prominently on the main page. Make sure you are aware of what is expected of you to receive your bonus. If you are not sure you will be able to fulfill the terms of a bonus, you should consider taking a bonus with fewer requirements.

Other promotions often include deposit bonuses. With these, the casino will match some of the money you place in your account. In addition there are high roller bonuses for players who wager large amounts of money. Depending on the website, there can also be free-bet bonuses, reloading bonuses and free bet bonuses. Additional promotions could include bonuses for referring a friend.

Banking Methods

The way an online casino handles your banking information and needs can also vary. But for the most part they all require the same basic information. These will often include your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth and the last four numbers of your social security number.

When it comes to depositing money, an electronic wallet such as PayPal is an often-used method. These are usually very secure and don't require a lot of effort to set up. Another popular method is with credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Discover.  Similarly, you can use prepaid cards in which you load the card with money from your bank and then transfer it to your online casino account.  Banking transfers in which bettors use their bank accounts to put money in their online casino account is yet another way.

Finally, you can also use e-checks, which are an electronic funds transfer (EFT) that uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

You want depositing money to be easy to save time and avoid headaches. For the most part it is. Simply go to the sportsbook site and hit the deposit button. The speed by which your money is deposited and withdrawn is usually pretty fast. However, withdrawals often take a little longer and tend to average around 48 hours. Electronic transfers normally occur faster than other ways such as a money order or check.

The way you make withdrawals is often the same way you  make deposits, only in reverse.  Keep in mind withdrawals can often take longer, so you want to fully understand how a particularly site works. The speed with which a withdrawal is processed can sometimes depend on any fees that are charged. It's often possible to receive your money faster by paying an extra fee.

It's preferable to have a choice of methods to handle your banking because some ways simply work better than others for the individual account holder. This can often depend on what kind of set up you have with your own individual bank. The fact you want it to be simple saves you time and makes it easier to understand the "fine'' print.

Legality, Safety and Security

As is the case with your banking, the verification of your online casino account can vary based on what the site uses for its set of requirements. The process of verifying who you are will often include your phone number and email address. You may be asked to submit a copy of a personal document as proof of ID.

This verification process is important because it protects you and the online casino. The casino wants to make sure who you are and of legal age. Make sure the online casino has a section dedicated to security and a two-step verification process. This will help secure your personal information and money.

It is also of importance that the online casino is legal. The most important reason being you want to make sure your information and money are secure.

Customer Service

No matter what concerns may arise, you want an online casino that is quick to respond to any of your questions and supply answers that are easy to understand. This is generally not a problem because the online casinos depend upon your business and are anxious to keep you as a customer. Some  will supply live chat rooms, which make it even easier to get immediate answers to your questions.

The benefits of online casino gambling are many, not the least of which is you can do it at anytime and from anywhere. This means you don't actually have to go to a casino and you can save a lot of money on items such as food, gas and parking. It can also be intimidating for some to play card games with real live players - as opposed to the laid-back atmosphere of privacy in your own home.

Online casinos also offer better promotions and bonuses than land-base casinos and a wider variety of banking options. It's also very easy to gamble online by using your computer and phone.

In addition, online casinos also tend to offer a wider variety of games and, of course, you don't have to worry about a possible waiting time to get on a table or machine like may occur in a land-based casino. You can also gamble at your own pace and everything is located in one place. In some casinos you have to hunt around to find certain types of games or machines. 

Virginia Online Casinos List

As of early 2021, there is no list of online casinos for Virginia gamblers. Although the state made a major step by approving physical casinos, licensed and approved online gambling for casino games simply doesn't exist. It's anybody's guess if and when it ever will. This section will be updated with any changes concerning online casino gambling in Virginia should any developments occur.

How to Sign Up with Virginia Online Casinos

While you can't currently sign up with a Virginia online casino because none currently exist, it should not be difficult to do so if they become available to residents of the state. To sign up is generally easy, safe and provides lots of benefits such as bonuses and promotions.

To sign up first select which site you want to use and go on its main page. Be sure to check that the site is licensed. Check out its banking methods and software providers. Also read its terms and conditions.

From there, follow the instructions on how to set up an account. Choose your username and password, making sure the latter is unique and difficult to guess. After providing information such as your name, email address, birth date, phone number and address, verify your account with the two-step process legitimate online casinos will ask you to make. Finally, collect any available welcome bonuses, set up the way you want to do your banking and hit the deposit button.

Virginia Online Casinos: Legal Timeline

Most of the history concerning gambling in Virginia concerns what wasn't allowed - as opposed to what was. The state's lottery didn't come into existence until 1988 and it wasn't until the 1989 that the state created the Virginia Racing Commission to regulate horse race betting.

Virginia did become the first state to legalize daily sports betting in 2016 and then really made progress by approving online sportsbooks apps. What's more it also approved its first land-based casinos, which are currently under construction and are scheduled to open over the next two years.

As for online casino gambling, no significant progress has been made on this front. Considering many of its residents already are doing it with offshore sites and there's plenty of money for the state that can be generated by online casinos, it could appear in the not-so-distant future. On the other hand, there may be the overriding opinion that since land-based casinos will be available, residents of the state already have enough casino-style game opportunities.

Virginia Online Casinos FAQ

Does Virginia have legal online casino gaming?

The answer is no when it comes to sites approved by the state. Although land-based casinos are coming to the state there are no current plans to add online casinos as well.

How old must you be to gamble in Virginia?

For the online sportsbooks apps and land-based casinos that are being built, you must be 21. You can bet on fantasy sports, horse racing and the lottery at 18.

What can I bet online in Virginia?

The Virginia lottery, various horse races, daily fantasy sports and sportsbook apps.

When will online casinos in Virginia become available?

No one can say for sure. No legislation has yet to be passed for the state to regulate online casinos and only time will tell.

Can I play online poker in Virginia?

Poker is lumped in with the other forms of online casino gambling in Virginia. Is not authorized by the state. The state does allow home poker games for money provided no rake it collected by the operators. Poker will also be legal at the physical casinos currently under construction.

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