Useful Sports Betting Injury Info Sources for US Handicappers

Injuries play a major role in the US sports betting industry, and this is not always the easiest information to find. Handicappers need to know what injuries have occurred if they are going to be able to handicap a game correctly. 

There are plenty of sources that are good to use to find out this injury information, but each league or betting market is a bit different. Sites such as ESPN, Yahoo, or CBS Sports update injuries when they are notified, but that isn’t always up to the minute. 

Handicappers simply have to be tuned in to a number of different sources if they are going to stay on top of injuries in the sports world. They also have to be checking the injury wire often as injuries can occur at any time and for any reason.

Obviously, injuries to the biggest stars of each sport are reported in a number of different ways, but that isn’t always the case when it comes to other players. Injuries affect outcomes when it comes to sporting events, but they also affect how a game is handicapped. 

Every league or sport has different ways to report injuries and some are more “truthful” than others. Regardless of what the policies are, it is important to check every single source all throughout the day to stay on top of this information. 

NFL Has Strict Rules

The National Football League is far and away the most popular betting market in the United States, and it is also the best league when it comes to announcing injuries. The NFL has a very strict policy in place, and it’s relatively easy to find out injury information. 

Teams have to announce injuries as they come in, and they also have to list them based on the seriousness of the injury. This is great information for a handicapper to use, and it is also very easy to find this information.

The only real problem when it comes to NFL injuries is the fact that injuries tend to occur much more frequently with this league. It’s impossible to handicap a game and predict an injury that will occur, and there will be significant players going down with an injury every week. 

Good Luck With NHL

The National Hockey League is nearly impossible when it comes to injuries as teams and players do everything possible to hide injuries. Even when an injury is announced for a player in the NHL you won’t ever see a specific type of injury listed.

If you are looking for NHL injury information then checking out is the best way to get that information. Each team will have a dedicated page on that site, and you can usually see which players are dealing with some injuries on any given day.

The NHL isn’t usually a sport that has many big-name players sitting out due to injury, but it can still occur from time to time. This is also a sport that doesn’t necessarily depend on anyone player, but an injury to a major star can affect how a certain matchup is handicapped. 

College Sports Are Hard

College basketball and college football are two of the top sports betting markets in the United States, and there is plenty of action on each. Handicappers spend plenty of time focusing on these markets, but these are also sports that don’t give out much information when it comes to injuries.

Colleges and universities are not required to announce injuries to their student-athletes, and sometimes these injuries aren’t revealed until the start of the game. There are some inside sources that can reveal this information, but it is tough. 

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