How to Wager on Draw No Bet in Hockey and NHL?

There are two ways to make a wager on a draw no bet in hockey and National Hockey League games. One is on a two-way moneyline bet and the other is on what's known as a three-way moneyline wager. In both types of wagers you are betting on what happens after 60 minutes of regulation play, not on what happens if overtime or a shootout are required to break a tie after the three periods of regulation play.

Where this can be a little confusing for gamblers stems from the fact that with a two-way moneyline bet you are basically betting on there being no wager at all. With a two-way moneyline bet, the only thing you are picking is for one of the teams to win. Should the game be tied after 60 minutes of regulation play, the result of the bet will be what's known as a push and you will get your money back. In other words, you will neither win nor lose your bet.

With a three-way moneyline wager, you can pick either the visiting team to win, the home team to win or the game to be tied after 60 minutes. This offers the opportunity to get a nice payout if you can correctly pick the winning team as well as the game requiring overtime to break the tie. The end result is basically what happens with a two-way moneyline bet with the exception that in a two-way moneyline wager the bookmakers do not allow a draw to be even considered in the first place.

When the bookmakers will not allow a draw to figure in the outcome of a bet including in the event of the push, they are doing this to reduce the possible outcomes of the bet. While wagering on draws is not the choice for the majority of gamblers, you can get good odds in your favor should you choose to do so. According to statistics provided by the NHL, approximately 25 percent of its games are tied after 60 minutes. This can work in the bookmakers' favor if the wager specifically hinges on one team winning in regulation play.

Should you choose to take the long-shot bet and wager on a game being tied in regulation, you obviously want to look for a game in which you think the teams are evenly matched.

Moneyline bets in hockey should not be confused with puck line bets. Similar to what's known as betting on the spread, in a puck line bet the favored team is assigned a handicap. If the favored team is listed at -0.5 and the game is tied after regulation, you will only win the wager if you bet on the underdog. Once again, however, this only applies to bets in which overtime and shootouts are not taken into consideration.

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