How to Use Prepaid Play+ Cards with Online Sportsbooks?

What Is Play+ 

PlayPlus, commonly referred to as Play+, is an advanced means of depositing funds for bettors. It plays the role of prepaid debit cards and e-wallets to ensure the customer's convenience and speed when making payment to their online betting accounts.

How Does Play+ Work?

With the PlayPlus, customers can preload their cards using debit or credit cards. They can then use the money in the card to fund their betting and online gaming accounts. The Play+ prepaid card can be delivered to you in the mail, and you can use it in any state where betting is legal.

Using Play+ to deposit funds is different from using a credit or debit card to add funds to your betting account. The only difference is that your funds are channeled through play+ before reflecting on your online gaming account. 

To get started, bettors need to sign into their betting accounts, go to the cashier section and choose Play+ as the deposit method. From here, the account owner can sign up to Play+ and give their banking details to proceed with the deposit.

Here is the step by step process;

  1. Sign in to your online betting account
  2. Scroll to the cashier option and select Play+
  3. Click on "add funds" or "enroll."
  4. In the next window, submit your debit or credit card details
  5. Select the amount you want to deposit into your Play+ account
  6. Finish by selecting the amount you want to send to your online betting account from Play+

eCheck can also fund the Play+ account if you do not want to use the debit or credit card. When depositing funds, select eCheck as your deposit method and input your routing and account number to send the funds from your bank.

Signing up for a Play+ account is free, and no credit check is required. Considering Play+ is a prepaid card account, you cannot overspend when purchasing or withdrawing funds at an ATM.

The high success rates, absence of deposit fees, and instant withdrawal have made Play+ very reliable. PlayPlus is now widely accepted, and several betting sites and apps allow the use of Play+ to make deposits.

A high success rate is crucial since many card issuing companies do not accept gambling and sports betting transactions. With Play+, those who have trouble depositing funds from cards get a practical way to make deposits. 

By routing funds to their Play+ accounts, gamblers can avoid all restrictions the bank may have put in place concerning betting fund deposits and withdrawal. Users can receive a physical card mailed to their respective addresses within 10-14 days of making a successful deposit using Play+.

After withdrawing funds from the Play+ account, there are many ways users can access the funds. The following options are available if you have use Play+;

  • You can transfer the money from your Play+ account to your linked bank account.
  • You can visit an ATM and make a cash withdrawal.
  • Use the card for purchases at any store that accepts Discover.

Pros And Cons Of PlayPlus

PlayPlus is a reliable deposit method and has numerous benefits to the players. However, not everyone will be comfortable with some aspects of the system. Here are some of the pros and cons;


  1. PayPlus is convenient for players who face issues with their credit and debit cards when depositing funds. There are a few banks and card providers that have restrictions put in place for betting sites.
  2. PlayPlus offers instant deposits. After enrolling and making your first deposit, you can start betting within minutes. It also has a higher success rate compared to direct deposits via cards.
  3. Withdrawing via Play+ is one of the fastest ways to get you winning funds. When you link your Play+ account with your betting account, you can easily transfer winnings to the Play+ account and later to your bank account. You can also use a physical Play+ card to withdraw from an ATM.


  1. Each betting site has its set fees for deposits and withdrawals through Play+. Play+ does not have any fees for creating an account, withdrawing, or purchasing. Therefore, some users may find that the fees are not convenient for using a PlayPlus account.
  2. Every online sportsbook needs its unique Play+ account. You cannot use one Play+ account across multiple sportsbooks, which is a disadvantage for players who like playing with multiple accounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fund A PlayPlus Account?
Bettors can use credit cards, debit cards, or a checking account to fund their accounts.
How Are Funds Withdrawn From Play+?
Funds can be withdrawn using a Play+ card at the ATM or transferring the funds into their bank account.


PlayPlus is a life-changing system for all online betting and gambling enthusiasts. This new way of depositing and withdrawing funds has made it easy for players to deposit their money safely and faster. With the Play+ card, you can make direct purchases and even withdraw cash from an ATM.  Soon people might start using the card for physical gambling.

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