How to Bet Over/Under Rounds in Boxing?

Wagering on the over/under rounds is one of the most common forms of betting when it comes to boxing. In its simplest form, it is very easy for gamblers to understand. With an over/under on the rounds, it has nothing to do with who wins the fight. Instead, you are betting on whether the fight will last longer or shorter than the number of rounds set by the bookmakers. 

Here's an example: Say the fight pits Joe Doe against John Smith and the line is over/under 8.5.  This means you are betting on whether or not the fight will last more than halfway through the ninth round.  Be aware this can be a little confusing for the novice boxing bettor. The 8.5 does not mean the fight has to last halfway through the eighth round. Rather, it refers to completed rounds, so in this case, the over/under is halfway through the ninth round.

Should the betting line have a whole (or round) number such as an 8 without the .5 included and a fighter does not answer the bell for the ninth round, the result is the fight went exactly eight rounds. When this happens all bets are declared losers, which is why experienced boxing bettors prefer lines that include the half a point.

While the basic over/unders on the number of rounds is a popular bet in boxing, there are variations. You can also bet on which specific round you think the fight will end or a group of rounds. For instance, you can bet on the fight ending in rounds three through five. While it is difficult to get the exact round right, you can get some great odds and subsequent substantial payout for a correct bet. The payouts are also better for picking an exact round as opposed to a group of rounds.

There are some basic strategies in over/under round betting. If the fighters are very similar in terms of ability, chances are the boxing match will not end quickly. If there's a clear favorite, especially one who has shown the ability in the past to knock out his opponents, there's a reasonable chance it will be a shorter fight.

Additional considerations include how the boxers have been doing lately, does one of them have the hometown (and fan) advantage, and does one of them have a history of bleeding. Sophisticated bettors might also compare boxers to see if one of them might struggle against his opponent's style of fighting. Furthermore, a referee might be inclined to let a fight go on a little bit longer if a championship belt is at stake. Some referees are also more inclined to stop fights sooner than others.

In addition to betting on the number of rounds a fight will last, you can also combine the over/under round bet with which boxer you think will win. As the line will indicate how long the oddsmakers think the fight will last, it will also indicate which boxer they consider to be the favorite. Getting both the over/under on rounds as well as the winner right can often result in a very rewarding payout.

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