How to Bet on Total Run Outs and Most Run Outs in Cricket?

Cricket might not be one of the most popular sports in betting, although that shouldn’t discourage you from placing a wager on it once and a while. Obviously, you first need to understand how cricket is played, what it is all about, and learn its terminology for the sake of knowing what is happening and ultimately how to bet on it.

Like in soccer, betting on cricket is pretty straightforward. You can bet on very similar bets, such as match betting, top-scoring player, over/under, and more. Then, there is also a plethora of alternative markets, and there are way too many to cover in one article.

So instead of looking at all the bets you can make on cricket, we will focus only on Total Run Outs and Most Run Outs. If you’re wondering what a run out is – it’s basically one of the modes of dismissal for the batsman. But how do you bet on run outs?

Run Outs in Cricket

As established above, a “Run Out” is a method of dismissal in cricket. It usually occurs when the batsman attempts to run between the wickets, and the fielding team successfully gets the ball to one wicket before a batsman crosses the line. It’s essentially the same method that is used in baseball.

The other nine modes of dismissal of batsman in cricket include caught, stumped, LBW, obstructing the field, timed out, hit wicket, bowled, hit the ball twice, and retired. However, we will only focus on run outs today.

It is essential to know that run outs are not the most common modes of dismissal in cricket. In fact, run outs account for less than 10% of the dismissals, so it’s fair to say that they don’t happen that often.

Interestingly, the match between India and New Zealand in 1999 holds the record for the most run outs in a game at eight, which isn’t that high of a number. What’s more, there were only seven games in history which ended with more than six.

Obviously, betting on run outs means that there isn’t a very high chance that your bet will hit; however, that gets more than compensated with the generous betting odds the bookmakers will offer on this bet. What’s more, certain batters are more susceptible to run outs – similar to how some soccer players are more susceptible to getting booked – and as long as you can identify them, you might have found yourself a solid bet.

How to Bet on Run Outs in Cricket

As established, betting on run outs isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first; however, you still need to decide on which type of bet you’re going to use. You can either bet on a player to get run out, on how many run outs there will be in a match (Over/under), or which team will end the game with the most run outs.

If you’re betting on which player will receive a run out, it makes sense to look at which players have averaged the most run outs in their careers while also checking how that number compares to their recent stats. There will be players who are more prone to run outs, and while the odds offered on them will be lower, the chance of your bet hitting will consequently be higher.

If there are players prone to run outs on both teams in a given match, it makes sense to look at a bet on total run outs, where you bet on whether there will be more or less than X run outs in a game.

Another exciting way to approach betting on run outs in cricket is Most Run Outs, where you get to pick which team will have more run outs by the end of the game. With this bet, you either pick Team A to have the most run outs, Team B to have the most run outs, or a draw. 

Information is the King

There are plenty of ways to approach betting on run outs in cricket, and while the types of bets are different, the principle behind them remains the same. What else remains the same is the optimal way of betting on run outs, which is to know the players’ and teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

You need to keep an eye on players who are more prone to run outs and the records of the opposing batsman when a run occurs. There are also instances when a player runs out a teammate, which doesn’t frequently happen (8%).

As with all other forms of betting, information is the king, and as long as you can access valuable information for betting on run outs in cricket, you are set for a profitable betting endeavor.

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