How to Bet on the First Goal When Betting on Soccer and NFL

There are many different ways to approach betting on soccer and NFL. Although most bettors swear by moneyline and Asian handicaps, there are plenty of ways to make your betting experience more exciting and possibly more profitable.

The best way to do so is to start exploring alternative markets, such as the first goal. As the name would suggest, with this bet, you’re predicting which team or player will score the first goal of the match, and while there is a lot that goes into selecting the right bet, understanding how this market works is as simple as it can get.

First Goal Explained

First goal betting is when you place a wager on a specific player or a team to score the first goal of the match. The explanation of this bet type is in its name, and it really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Alternatively, you can also bet on the final goal scorer. Unlike how it is with the first goal bet, with the final goal bet, you’re predicting which players will score the final goal of the match. These bets are essentially the two sides of the same coin.

In a scenario where a player scores the only goal of the match, you would have hit both the first goal and final goal of the match bets by picking the same player with both bets. That isn’t as uncommon as it may seem and could be a profitable way to approach betting on soccer and NFL.

You might be wondering why do bettors choose to bet on the first goal? And the answer is fairly simple – the US bookmakers offer very generous betting odds.

Since predicting the first goal scorer is very difficult, you will get offered high odds, although those will differ depending on the position the player in question plays and his goal scoring prowess. If you bet on the goalkeeper to score the first goal in a soccer match, the offered odds will be massive, although it’s easy to understand why.

The same idea applies when betting on a team to score the first goal, where the side which is expected to win the game is usually priced lower than the underdogs. Obviously, there is more that goes into that since some teams typically perform better in the first half of the match and will be priced at lower odds to score the first goal.

How Do I Bet on the First Goal?

Betting on the first goal is as simple as it can get. You pick the match you wish to bet on, navigate to the first goalscorer market and select your player.

As you will see, the returns are usually very high, which is also the main reason why many bettors decide to use this option.

In some rare instances, the player you wish to bet on will not be listed by the bookmakers. In this case, you can often contact the bookmaker and ask them to create odds for you to place your bets.

But what if you bet on a player to score the first goal and he doesn’t feature in the game?

Although a rare occurrence, it is possible for a player that you bet on will not get a chance to play and instead start the match from the bench.

If the said player gets substituted into the game after the first goal has been scored, your bet will be void, and you will get your stake refunded. However, that practice might be different depending on the bookmaker you choose, so it’s wise to check out the rules first.

Another way of approaching betting on first goals in soccer is to pick a team that will score the first goal in the first or second half. So if you pick Arsenal to score the first goal in the second half, you would have won your bet if they score first post-45 minutes even though they might have conceded three goals in the first half.

Why Should I Bet on First Goals?

The answer to why you should bet on first goals is fairly simple and probably expected – It offers very generous odds and can be highly profitable.

As with any other form of betting, the first goal will be profitable to those who know how to best approach it and take advantage of the information that the bookmakers failed to pick up on.

The first goalscorer will usually be the team’s top scorer. So, if you want to bet on a match between Tottenham and Arsenal, and if Harry Kane is expected to play for the Spurs, you can be sure that he will be priced as the favorite to net the first goal of the game.

Obviously, that will not always be the case. There is a lot of variance in betting on the first goal, and it’s usually tough to predict who will be the one to score the first goal; however, the generous odds more than makeup for it.

Where can I bet on first goal?

Almost every available betting site will offer this type of bet. The only thing you need to do is check the legal bookies in your state:

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