Best College Sports Betting Podcasts for Handicappers

Podcasts have taken over sports media, but there are various shows through Spotify, Apple, and the other channels that you must maneuver to find the gold standard. If you are a handicapper, it's apparent that you put the time in to win money on sports. However, there is always more information to consume for sports wagering.

With college football and ncaab basketball approaching, it's time to start preparing for the seasons ahead. The best college sports betting podcasts for handicappers are Bet the Board, Behind the Bets, You Better You Bet, Pushing the Odds, and Gaming Today’s Cash Considerations. 

Here are the details you need to know!

Bet the Board with Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman

If you are looking to bet on college football, Bet the Board is the podcast that you must subscribe to on your podcast channel. Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman are the perfect duo to entertain and provide excellent sports betting advice.

Payne is the betting expert, and Fuhrman is the interviewer. The two focus on matchups, personnel, injuries, and how the lines have changed throughout the week.

It's a seasonal podcast, so listen to episodes from last football season if you want to see how the two work together. The best part about the show for handicappers is that they do not force you to pick one side of the bet. The two educate listeners and guide them towards a decision.

Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian

Doug Kezirian highlights sports betting culture while breaking down the major matchups in sports every weekend. During college football season, Kezirian will highlight the biggest matchups, especially games broadcasts by ESPN.

He has a lot of guests come on the show to discuss the matchups. Many of them are handicappers or significant names in the sports betting world. If you are looking to bet on more than college football and basketball, this is also a great show to consume.

Kezirian will discuss a variety of competitions, including horse racing. He uses numbers to help handicappers make educated decisions.  

You Better You Bet with Kostos and Locky

If you are a handicapper, you rely on numbers. This is the primary theme of You Better You Bet with Kostos and Locky. The two hosts do not waste any time getting into the matchups and the numbers behind the show.

They are very entertaining, but this is because of their chemistry while discussing sports betting. They focus on the line changes and numbers for college and professional sports. Additionally, they have many guests from the sports betting world, enhancing the listeners' information on the show.

Pushing the Odds with Matt Perrault

Pushing the Odds with Matt Perrault is excellent for college sports because it's broadcast every day from the Vegas Strip. Many of the best betting podcasts are only broadcast on major sports days on the calendar.

This is fine, but games are occurring every day of the week in college and professional sports. If you are a handicapper, this is the podcast that you should listen to for everyday advice. The guest, Matt Perrault, does not hold back discussing the major college sports games on the daily slate.

The episodes feature various guests, including bookmakers, beat reporters, gambling journalists, and professional athletes. The variety of guests give handicappers numerous perspectives on how to win bets consistently.

You should wager on the numbers, but there are other things to consider that Perrault discusses along with his guests.

Gaming Today's Cash Considerations with Dave Sharapan

Dave Sharapan is an oddsmaker from Pittsburgh. He hosts Gaming Today's Cash Considerations along with his friends and fellow bookmakers Carl Hascall and Dan Neubert. This podcast is entertaining, but do not be fooled by the banter between the three experts.

They discuss a lot of crucial collegiate sporting events over their 90-minute episodes. They also use timestamps so you can find the parts you need to listen to as a handicapper.

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