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How to Bet on Super Bowl: Profit from the Super Bowl Bets With the Most Value

Learning how to bet on Super Bowl is a must for every bettor, as this game is the biggest sporting event in the world and also the one that gets the most betting action. Finding the Super Bowl bets with the most value is a skill that takes a lot of knowledge and practice. We are here to show you how to bet as successfully as possible.

The Super Bowl takes place in early February each year, and the two best NFL teams square off for the right to host the Lombardi Trophy. It is the pinnacle in terms of NFL betting. No wonder so many people want to know how to bet on Super Bowl!

In this Expert Guide on how to bet on Super Bowl, we will tell you all you need to know to get started in this golden event in football betting. We’ll give you an overview of the main Super Bowl betting markets that are available, and how they work. Then we’ll give you some practical betting tips and strategies to help you improve your chances of winning. Don’t forget to check our NFL Picks guide, and our experts will you show all the betting angles.

How to Bet on Super Bowl Moneyline

If you’ve ever wondered how to bet the Super Bowl moneyline, then you’ve come to the right place. A Super Bowl moneyline is simply picking the outright winner of the Super Bowl.

Points and point spreads don’t matter as long as you pick the team that is on the podium when the clock ticks down to zero. For those of you who are brand new to Super Bowl bets, here is an example of what a Super Bowl moneyline bet looks like:

New England Patriots-155
Dallas Cowboys+145
Super Bowl Moneyline Example

When reading Super Bowl moneylines, you need to know that the team named with the (-) before their Super Bowl betting odds is considered the favorite by the sportsbook oddsmakers. The team with the (+) before their Super Bowl betting odds is viewed as the underdog.

The odds for the favorites, in this case, the Patriots, show you how much you need to be in dollars to make a profit of $100. For your Super Bowl bets, you would therefore need to bet $155 on the Patriots in order to get $255 back if they win the game.

The odds for the underdogs, in this case, the Cowboys, show you how much profit you will make if you bet $100 on them. Here you would get $245 back from your Super Bowl bets if the Cowboys win, which is $145 profit and the $100 that you bet in the first place.

How to Bet on Super Bowl Spread

Betting against the Super Bowl spread (also known as the Super Bowl point spread) is one of the most common Super Bowl bets. It's also very appealing to those who have only just discovered how to bet on Super Bowl. That's because you don't necessarily have to pick the winning team. You simply have to predict how close the game will be and see if you can beat the sportsbook. The Super Bowl betting odds for both outcomes will usually be much more balanced thanks to the favorite being given an advantage and the underdog having a disadvantage.

Here is an example of a Super Bowl spread bet:

New England Patriots-3.5
Dallas Cowboys+3.5
Super Bowl Spread Example

Here you can see that the Patriots are quoted at -3.5 points, and the Cowboys at +3.5 points. This means that the final score of the Patriots will be reduced by 3.5 points if you bet on them, and the final score of the Cowboys will be increased by 3.5 points if you bet on them.

In other words, if you make a bet on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl spread, then they must win the game by at least four points for your bet to succeed. However, a bet on the Cowboys can be a winner if they keep the game within a field goal (three points) if they lose or if they win the game outright. 

How to Bet on Super Bowl Over/Under

Super Bowl over/under betting is another extremely common opportunity that is offered by sportsbooks. You might also hear fans of online betting Super Bowl refer to this type of bet as a 'total' bet because it deals with the total number of points scored in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl betting odds here are usually the same whatever way you choose to bet.

One reason that the Super Bowl over/under is popular is that these Super Bowl bets don't require bettors to pick the winner or loser of the Super Bowl. As long as you can make a correct prediction about the total number of points scored, then you can win this bet.

Here is an example of how a Super Bowl over/under market looks:

New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys
Over 43.5 Points-110
Under 43.5 Points-110
Super Bowl Over/Under Example

Online sportsbooks will usually offer the same lines for both betting options in a Super Bowl over/under market. Here you can see that you would need to bet $110 on either Over or Under to make a profit of $100. Your task is simply to decide the teams will score a combined total of 44 points or more, or 43 points or less. 

How to Bet on Super Bowl Futures

A Super Bowl futures bet is so-called because it is usually placed well in advance of the game being played. Sportsbooks will begin offering Super Bowl futures bets for next season immediately following the conclusion of this season's Super Bowl game. 

Most Super Bowl Futures markets will close as soon as the Super Bowl is kicked off, although some will keep them open and adjust the lines in play so that live betting can take place. 

A few common Super Bowl Futures bets will require you to:

  • Predict which team will win the Super Bowl.
  • Specify the conference that will win Super Bowl.
  • Name the player who will be the Super Bowl MVP.

If you make Super Bowl bets about such outcomes and your online betting Super Bowl predictions turn out to be correct, you will win. The amount you win will be determined by the Super Bowl odds you take on your bet.

Super Bowl Bets: Live Betting

The Super Bowl attracts a large number of spectators, with the majority watching the game live on television. A large portion of those viewers want to place the best Super Bowl bets while watching the game, and when they know how to bet on Super Bowl they can do exactly that.

Sportsbooks will update their Super Bowl odds in real-time throughout the game. This will give online betting Super Bowl fans the chance to make Super Bowl bets on the Super Bowl point spread, Super Bowl over/under, or Super Bowl moneyline as the action unfolds. For example, the Super Bowl odds for the favorite to win might change as the game plays out, and you can make Super Bowl bets accordingly. 

The principles of live betting markets are exactly the same as described in the previous sections of this guide. As far as practicalities are concerned, live betting is most easily done through an online sportsbook or mobile betting app. However, it can also be done by visiting a retail sportsbook. 

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Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl prop bets are extremely popular, and even the non-football fan can get in on the action. There are three main types of Super Bowl prop bets available, and we will discuss all three in more detail in a moment. 

The odds for Super Bowl prop bets are drastically different depending on the type of Super Bowl props that you are making. 

Pre-Super Bowl Prop Bets

Pre-Super Bowl prop bets are bets that are placed on events that take place before the kickoff. Two of the most common pre-game Super Bowl prop bets are:

Super Bowl Coin TossHeads -110Tails -110
Super Bowl Pre-Game Prop Betting Example #1
Length of National AnthemOver 2:01Under 2:01
Super Bowl Pre-Game Prop Betting Example #2

Super Bowl Game Prop Bets

Sportsbooks love offering the best Super Bowl prop bets. In addition, they also provide plenty of prop bets on the actual game. Some of these best Super Bowl props bets will involve player statistics, while others will focus on how points will be scored. Knowing how to bet on Super Bowl allows you to enjoy all available markets.

Here are a few examples of Super Bowl props:

Tom Brady Passing YardsOver 277.5Under 277.5
Super Bowl Game Prop Bet Example #1

How Will the First Points Be Scored?
Field Goal-110
Super Bowl Game Prop Bet Example #2

Will Super Bowl LV Go into Overtime?Yes +40No -110
Super Bowl Game Prop Bet Example #3

Halftime Show: Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year, and the halftime show is one of the biggest musical events of the year. With that in mind, sportsbooks love offering Super Bowl props on the halftime show. 

Here are a few prop bets that you might see offered:

Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?Yes +400No -150
Will a football be used as a prop?Yes -115No +125
Will there be a guest performance by X?Yes -125No +175
Super Bowl Halftime Show Prop Bet Example #1

How to Bet on Super Bowl: Betting Tips and Strategies

Now that you know what the main Super Bowl betting markets are and how to bet on Super Bowl, you probably want to know how to pick winning Super Bowl bets. There is no easy answer to that question because football is a game in which almost anything can happen. Fortunately, we can give you a number of tips and strategies that should help you to improve your chances.

Know the Game

Make profitable Super Bowl bets knowing how to bet on Super Bowl.
Super Bowl Betting: Know the game

Even when you know how to bet on Super Bowl, success isn't guaranteed. Your chances of online betting Super Bowl effectively are directly proportionate to your knowledge of the game. The more you know about the NFL teams, their key players, and how they have previously performed, the better.

Just as you have invested time in learning how to bet on Super Bowl, you should also spend time getting to know the Super Bowl as an event in its own right. Look at previous Super Bowl games. How often do the underdogs tend to defeat the favorites? Have the current teams performed in previous Super Bowls, and if so, how did they fare? Also, consider how confident the teams are. Do they look and sound like winners, or do they just seem glad to have gotten this far? All of these things can affect their chances as well as the Super Bowl odds and Super Bowl betting lines.

Watch the Playoffs

If you watch the playoffs you will make better Super Bowl bets.
Super Bowl Betting: Watch the Playoffs

Following on from the previous tip, if you plan on betting on the Super Bowl, then you need to watch the playoffs leading up to the big game. Reading about teams and players and actually watching them play are two different things. Watching the playoffs can give you a gut feel for the game like no form book, how to bet guide, or game report ever can. You'll then be able to read the Super Bowl betting line with a much greater degree of insight.

Check the Injury Report

Check the injury report and you will know how to bet on Super Bowl.
Super Bowl Betting: Check the injury report

Football players aren't machines and the way they get knocked around on the field it isn't surprising that they get injured from time to time. If one or more key players gets injured before the big game, that could have a big effect on the chances of their team - or your Super Bowl bets - winning. And that applies no matter how well you know how to bet on Super Bowl.

There is a two-week layoff between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. Each team will have an injury report every day leading up to the big game, so it makes sense to check it out each day. 

Of course, not every injury is a potential game-changer or influencer of the Super Bowl betting line. Some players will recover rapidly, and go into the Super Bowl in no worse shape than they originally expected. Other players will be downgraded as time goes on, and you need to take that into consideration before deciding how you want to bet. Of course, Super Bowl odds may fluctuate, accordingly.

Spread Your Bets

The masters in the field of Super Bowl bets spread them in different markets.

Betting on the Super Bowl is usually a once-per-year thing, so if you want to maximize your chances of getting a return you should spread your bets. By all means predict which team you think will win, based on your knowledge of the game, but also predict how close you think the game will be, and whether or not you think the game will go into overtime.

By making several predictions about the game, you can place several bets in different markets and thereby give yourself several chances of winning. You could bet the moneyline for the overall result, you could bet the spread and totals markets as well, and have a little on the game going into overtime, or not. This not only spreads your risk, but it could also help you to land multiple winners by taking advantage of more than one Super Bowl betting line.

Where to Make Your Super Bowl Bets

If you plan on betting on the Super Bowl, then knowing where to bet on the Super Bowl (and where to find the best Super Bowl odds) is obviously quite important. The traditional way to place Super Bowl bets is to head to a land-based casino or sportsbook, but now online sportsbooks make it possible for many to place their Super Bowl bets online. The principles of how to bet on Super Bowl are the same whether you are betting at land-based or online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl Bets: Best Bookmakers and Sportsbooks

All legal sportsbooks in the USA are likely to have plenty of online betting Super Bowl markets for you to choose from. That said, a few sportsbooks stand head and shoulders above the rest as far as their Super Bowl betting lines are concerned, so here are the ones that we'd particularly recommend.

If you are someone that enjoys playing daily fantasy sports, then you have probably heard of FanDuel already. They are one of the leaders in the DFS industry, but they have also grown into a leader in the sports betting industry as well. 

FanDuel will have some great online betting Super Bowl promotions leading up to the big game, as well as some of the best Super Bowl bets around for the game itself, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Another big sportsbook to be considered is DraftKings. This company is also a leading player in the DFS industry, and will still have plenty of fantasy games available on the Super Bowl, but their sportsbooks will be open for business as well. Expect a great choice of Super Bowl betting lines, Super Bowl betting odds and some of the best Super Bowl prop bets around.

One of the newest sportsbooks to hit the United States is PointsBet, but it has built up a great reputation already. PointsBet offers unique betting opportunities, and there is a chance to win some real money by online betting Super Bowl at this sportsbook.

William Hill is one of the biggest and best sportsbooks in the United States, and they specialize in football and basketball. However, they will have some of the best Super Bowl betting odds and lines available, and they are located in many states throughout the country. 

Vegas Super Bowl Bets

Vegas Super Bowl Bets

The popularity of the event makes Super Bowl day one of the biggest partying days in the United States, and Las Vegas is one of the best places to party. If you are looking for a great experience while betting on the Super Bowl, then Las Vegas is the place to be.

Making Vegas Super Bowl bets works just like it does anywhere else, but there are casinos and sportsbooks everywhere. You can make Vegas Super Bowl bets and also watch the game on a big-screen television. And if your team wins, you can celebrate in style!

Further Resources

How to Bet on Super Bowl FAQ

Where to bet on the Super Bowl?

Online betting Super Bowl markets are available at most online sportsbooks. Shop around for the best Super Bowl bets if you want the best value, as Super Bowl betting lines differ from operator to operator.

If online sportsbooks aren’t legal in your state, a visit to a land-based sportsbook will be necessary. And those of you who aren’t in a state where sports betting is legal in any form will need to visit a state where it is, and place your bets there.

Where can I watch the Super Bowl?

National television stations bid for the rights to host the Super Bowl each season. CBS, Fox, and NBC are the main stations that broadcast the Super Bowl.

How does the NFL determine where the Super Bowl will be played?

Cities and teams put in bids to host the Super Bowl each season. The National Football League chooses the host cities and awards the locations a few years in advance.

The NFL takes many different factors into consideration when determining host cities, with weather being one of the biggest factors.

How do Super Bowl square boards work?

Super Bowl square boards are a common betting game. Many groups, clubs, or sports teams will use a Super Bowl square board as a fundraising activity.

Super Bowl square boards come in many different forms, but the most common board has 100 squares.

You will ‘buy’ a square on the board, and will be randomly placed into the board. One team will go across the top of the board, and the other Super Bowl team will go down the side.

To win, the last digit of each team’s score at the end of each quarter must line up to indicate your square.

What team has won the most Super Bowls?

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with six Super Bowl wins apiece. All six of the Patriots’ Super Bowl championships have come in the last 20 seasons.

How much can you win from Super Bowl bets?

The amount you can win from Super Bowl betting is entirely dependent on how much you bet and at what Super Bowl odds you took. The bigger your bet and the bigger the Super Bowl odds, the more you will win if your bet succeeds.

What is a Super Bowl betting line?

A Super Bowl betting line is a persentation of Super Bowl betting odds in a moneyline format.

What are the best Super Bowl prop bets?

There are no ‘best Super Bowl prop bets’ as every bettor has his or her own tastes and preferences. Our advice is simply to look at the Super Bowl props that are available and focus on those that appeal to you the most.

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