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Points Bet Review

Points Bet

Our Verdict: Excellent

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Points Bet

Points Bet

Deposit $250, Get $250 FREE with Promo Code: HOWTOBET

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Points Bet welcome bonus

  • Deposit $250, Get $250 FREE with Promo Code: HOWTOBET
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Points Bet Promo Codes


PointsBet IL

Sign up for a new account and get two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.


T&C’s: Sign up using the PointsBet IL promo code HOWTOBET and you can enjoy two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.
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PointsBet IN

Sign up for a new account and get two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.


T&C’s: Sign up using the PointsBet IN promo code HOWTOBET and you can enjoy two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.
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New Jersey

PointsBet NJ

Sign up for a new account and get two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.


T&C’s: Sign up using the PointsBet NJ promo code HOWTOBET and you can enjoy two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000.
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Our Verdict: Excellent

Bonuses 5/5
Usability 5/5
Games 4/5
Banking 5/5
Mobile 5/5


Risk Free Bet BonusDeposit $250, Get $250 FREE
Wagering RequirementsExpires after 7 days
Deposit BonusNo
Exclusive BonusNo


Minimum Deposit$5
Requires RegistrationYes
Live CasinoNo
Vip ProgramYes
Live ChatYes
Sports BettingYes

General Properties

LicenseAustralia and United States
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

Points Bet

Points Bet Promo Code: HOWTOBET

Points Bet is a big name, and for good reason - it's an excellent sportsbook. If you want to verify that for yourself, sign up with the Points Bet promo code HOWTOBET and you can get up to $250 in free bets.

Points Bet Promo CodeHOWTOBET
Bonus ValueFree bets worth up to $250
Claim RequirementsFirst deposit of $50 or more
Time Limit7 Days
Points Bet Promo Code Overview

Instructions: Use the Points Bet promo code HOWTOBET when you sign up and make your first deposit. The amount of your free bets bonus will be determined by the amount you deposit, as follows:

First Deposit AmountFree Bets Value
$250 or more$250
Points Bet Promo Code Details

You will need to use your free bets within seven days of them being awarded. Failure to do this will result in them expiring.

About Points Bet

PointsBet is one of the newer kids on the block, only beginning in 2017. It's also unique in that it got its start in Australia vs. the US or European market. And if those things don't set it apart enough, it has completely changed how you can bet on sports wagers.

Traditional betting is a part of what PointsBet has to offer. But what makes it a truly interesting entry into the market is the PointsBetting that it features. 

If an NBA game has an over of 180 points, and you take it at $10, you will win an additional $10 for every point you win by. So 200 points, at 20 points over, would turn your $10 bet into $200 worth of winnings.

It's an interesting way to spice up the tradition of sports betting. And as legalizing wagering comes to more states in the US, so does PointsBet.

Points Bet Promo Code Bonus

There is no deposit match offered by PointsBet, but in terms of risk-free bets, this is one of the better offers around. You can earn up to $1,000 worth of risk-free bets, but with a twist that is actually better for the customer.

Most sportsbooks offer you a single risk-free bet, and the only way you'd get $1,000 in value is if you placed a single $1,000 bet. That can be a bit steep. 

But with PointsBet, you can qualify for four separate risk-free bets of up to $250 each. You get two offers for your first fixed odds bets and two more offers for your first PointsBetting wagers.

It's a generous offer, and more importantly, since PointsBetting is going to be new to most players, it's a way to experiment with these types of bets without any risk. We'd prefer a deposit bonus or registration gift, but this kind of offer is the next best thing, especially at $1,000 in value.

Points Bet Promo Code Terms and Conditions

Bonus wager amounts will only be awarded if the original qualifying bet loses. Once a bonus bet is put into a customer's account, they will have seven days to use it; otherwise, it will be forfeited.

Bonus wagers must be used on odds of -200 or more, and only the winnings from these wagers will be added to a customer's account. The amount of the bonus stake will not be included and will not be eligible for cash out.

Other Bonus Offers

PointsBet also offers several other odds boosts and promotional bets that lead to extra winnings and bonuses for its customers. An example of these types of bets are:

Soccer Early Payout

For different leagues on different days, PointsBet offers an early payout on any winning bet that goes up by two goals. Even if your team ends up losing, if at one point they led by two, the first $50 of your bet is an automatic winner.

Score First Goal

Similar to the bonus above, on selected games, if your team scores the first goal of the game, you are an automatic winner. And if they don't score first, the bet just continues as played. Again the Score First Goal bonus pays out on the first $50 you wager.

$25 Money Back Parlay

On any four-leg parlay, if three of your legs win, but one loses, you will get $25 back.

Refer a Friend

One of the most popular and easiest ways to make money is via the refer a friend bonus. For each friend that you refer to PointsBet who deposits $50 into their new account, you will receive $50 in bonus bets. The maximum amount you can make on this in one year is $2,500, which is an awful lot of friends.

PointsBet also offers a variety of parlay boosts, early cash out options, in-play parlays, a special called You Pick the Boost, as well as a feature called Name a Bet. If you can find a bet that isn't currently offered by PointsBet, send them a tweet with the details of a bet, and they will price it.

PointsBet Rewards Club

While the trend is moving away from loyalty programs, PointsBet still offers its players membership in PointsBet Rewards. Membership is free, but not automatic. You will have to register for a rewards account. Points are earned in the following way:

  • Fixed odds bets earn 1 point per $5 bet.
  • Parlay bets earn 1 for per $1 bet.
  • Pointsbetting earns 1 point for every $1 won or lost.

Points can then be redeemed later for bonus bets at a rate of $1 per 100 Reward points.

Redeeming is allowed at the following intervals:

Reward Points RedeemedBonus Bet
250 points$2.50
500 points$5.00
2,500 points$25.00
5,000 points$50.00
10,000 points$100.00
50,000 points$500.00
100,000 points$1,000.00
Reward Points Redemption Intervals

Sports Wagers at PointsBet

PointsBet is unique in how it handles sports wagering, but it isn't trying to reinvent the wheel. If there is a sport or wager available at a sportsbook somewhere in the world, chances are good that you'll find it at PointsBet.

Available Sports

The list of available sports at PointsBet reads as you would expect from a company operating on two continents and in two different hemispheres.

They also take Name a Bet wagers on any sport they currently offer.

Available Wager Types

To compete in the market and meet the demands of customers, PointsBet does offer a wide range of fixed-odds bets. You can wager on point spreads, moneylines, props, and futures, and all at fixed odds and payouts. All of these can also be bet in parlays.

But what makes PointsBet unique is its PointsBetting offerings — the greater margin of your winning bet, the bigger the payout.

Let's say you take the Cowboys +3 against the Eagles for $10. Not only do the Cowboys cover, but they win the game outright by three points. That's a six-point win on your bet, meaning that the $10 wagered will win you $60 in profit.

For each point or unit by which you win your wager, you will be given 1x the value of your bet. Win by two points, your wager is doubled. Win by three points, your wager is tripled. And on and on it goes. As you can see, this type of wagering can be quite profitable.

But of course, there is the other side of this equation, since sportsbooks don't stay in business by just giving away money. When you place a PointsBetting wager, you not only agree to the bigger payouts, you also agree to potentially bigger losses. 

Lose your bet by two points; you lose double your wager. Lose by three points, and it's a loss of triple your wager.

So it's not all sunshine and roses and bigger paydays, but PointsBetting wagers have proven to be hugely popular among PointsBet customers.

PointsBet Website

The website is rather plain. It's just one big page of info without natural columns. There is a drop-down menu at the top left that opens up all of your tabs - featured bets, promos, A-Z sports, in-play wagers, as well as a few others - but having to hunt for these tabs is a bit frustrating.

The color scheme of the website is nice when compared to the rest of the industry. Blacks and blues are easy to look at for long periods. But if you want more information on the homepage, and actions easier to take, then you will be disappointed with the interface. 

It seems there could and should be more to this page than there is, especially considering that two major wager types are being offered by PointsBet.

PointsBet Mobile App

The thing that was most disappointing about the PointsBet website is actually solved on the PointsBet mobile app. There are very easy to find and use navigation buttons along the bottom of the screen labeled: Menu, Sports, In-Play, Quick Parlay, and My Bets.

So instead of having to open up a drop-down menu and search for the tab you want, it's right there, easy to find, and ready to use. Couple that with the carryover of the black and blue color scheme, and the mobile app is both easy to use and look at. They even put a red number next to the In-Play button to highlight the number of events currently in progress.

The My Bets tab is fast and responsive and takes you to current bets and pending bets. The Quick Parlay feature is one of the easiest you'll find at creating parlays. And the Sports button takes you to everything that PointsBet offers.

Available for both iOS and Android, this is a first-rate mobile app.

Signing Up with the Points Bet Promo Code

Creating a new PointsBet account is simple, and it can be done using either the website or the mobile app. They need your name, email address, physical address, date of birth, phone number, and the final four digits of your social security number.

Most people will have their age and identity confirmed this way. But in the event it doesn't work, you may be asked to provide further proof, such as a utility bill in your name.

To finish the sign-up process, you will need to confirm that you are at least 21 years old, a citizen or resident of the United States with an active address and that you and you alone will be placing bets with your account.

Banking with PointsBet

Some banking options vary from state to state, and not all methods of deposit are available. PointsBet does, however, accept online bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and PayPal. They also have a deal with EML (Entertainment, Meal, and Living), and you can make deposits to your account using an EML card.

Most deposit options can also be used for withdrawal, including online bank transfer, PayPal, and echeck. You can withdraw back to your credit or debit card, but for your security account, verification will be required.

One thing to note: PointsBetting wagers can lose greater amounts than originally wagered, you will not be able to make a withdrawal while any wagers remain open.

PointsBet Customer Service

The weak point in their all over good offering is maybe their help-section. PointsBet's help page is definitely lacking. You need to scroll unnecessarily and it could be made a bit more concise. If it could be broken up in to an easy to use menu where you can click on "Deposits" or "Account Management" it would a bit easier to use.

PointsBet does offer 24-hour online chat, which is a big perk. They also offer email support, but there is no phone support which would be a good option.

Overall the customer support provided by PointsBet could use improvement, but lets give them some time to iron out the bugs and kinks.

Use the Points Bet Promo Code Today!

Points Bet hasn't become one of the big players in sports betting by accident. If you like what you've read in this review, use the Points Bet promo code today and help yourself to up to $250 in free bets!

PointsBet FAQ

Does PointsBet offer in-play wagering?

Yes, it does. If in-play or live wagering is what you seek, you won’t be disappointed by what PointsBet has to offer. It’s a large selection of options. And when betting on in-play wagering, you can either place fixed odds bets or you can place PointsBetting wagers.

Is PointsBet secure?

PointsBet uses the same level of security that most major sportsbooks use. Your information and account balance is well protected by SSL technology. You also have the option to add extra security levels and identity verification for logging on and any banking actions that are taken on your account.

When PointsBetting, can my account balance become negative?

Yes, you could go into the negative because of losses incurred with PointsBetting. You will need to return your balance to $0 within 24 hours if you wish to keep betting with PointsBet. If this happens repeatedly, PointsBets may withhold 100% of the maximum loss amount of your wagers.

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