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And then, there was one.

After just four weeks of National Football League action, there is just one team left with a perfect record: the Arizona Cardinals.

Raise your hand if you had that. Alright, I might believe you here, because I told you for weeks on the How to Bet Podcast that the Cardinals are for real in 2021 and that Kyler Murray would be a breakout player.

But before I go tooting my own horn too much, we are not even 25 percent of the way into this new 17-game schedule, and the landscape of the NFL is changing by the minute.

More so than in other seasons, this one truly does feel like teams are more equal than ever before, especially amongst the teams at the top: there seems to be a big group of teams that all have looked great at times, and suspect at other times.

The Buffalo Bills look very good, and they have a stern test in Week 5, as do the Cleveland Browns, the LA Rams, the Green Bay Packers, and many of the other top teams. In fact, if you look at this slate of games, it is probably the best one so far this campaign.

Here is the thing, though, about the 2021 season: teams can look like world-beaters for a few weeks, and then come back down to earth quickly. Some of that has to do with the number of poor to below-average teams, while it also could be that even the best teams this year are flawed, and those issues pop up at times during a four-month campaign.

Here is a look at all the NFL Betting Odds and games for Week 5. For more NFL-related content, picks & predictions make sure to check our NFL Predictions every day.

NFL Week 5 Odds

Here are your updated NFL Week 5 odds, all in one place. Check back daily to see updates.

NFL Week 5 Opening (LOOKAHEAD) Spreads

Here we take a look at how NFL Week 5 odds are changing in the days leading up to the games. Below are the lookahead lines as well as a table that tracks line movement throughout the week.

  • Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks, Rams -1
  • New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons, Falcons -4.5
  • Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings, Vikings -8
  • Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers, Panthers -3.5
  • Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals, Packers -3.5
  • New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team, Saints -1.5
  • New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys -8
  • San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals, Cardinals -2.5
  • Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars, Titans -7.5
  • Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bucs -9.5
  • New England Patriots at Houston Texans, Pats -7
  • Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers, Broncos -2
  • Chicago Bears at Las Vegas Raiders, Raiders -6.5
  • Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers, Chargers -1
  • Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs -3.5
  • Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens, Ravens -6.5
GameLookahead lineCurrent spreadMoneyline
Rams at SeahawksRams -1Rams -1Rams -115, Seahawks -105
Jets at FalconsFalcons -4.5Falcons -3.5Falcons -190, Jets +160
Lions at VikingsVikings -8Vikings -8Vikings -380, Lions +290
Eagles at PanthersPanthers -3.5Panthers -4Panthers -200, Eagles
Packers at BengalsPackers -3.5Packers -3.5Packers -190, Bengals +160
Saints at WashingtonSaints -1.5Saints -1Saints -120, Washington +100
Giants at CowboysCowboys -8Cowboys -7.5Cowboys -350, Giants +270
49ers at CardinalsCardinals -2.5Cardinals -4.5Cardinals -235, 49ers +185
Titans at JaguarsTitans -7.5Titans -7.5Titans -365, Jaguars +280
Dolphins at BuccaneersBuccaneers -9.5Buccaneers -9.5Buccaneers -475, Dolphins +350
Patriots at TexansPatriots -7Patriots -7Patriots -335, Texans +260
Broncos at SteelersBroncos -2Broncos -2Broncos -135, Steelers +115
Bears at RaidersRaiders -6.5Raiders -6.5Raiders -290, Bears +230
Browns at ChargersChargers -1Chargers -1Chargers -120, Browns +100
Bills at ChiefsChiefs -3.5Chiefs -3Chiefs -155, Bills +135
Colts at RavensRavens -6.5Ravens -7Ravens -335, Colts +260
NFL Week 5 Opening (Lookahead) Spreads

 NFL Week 5 Schedule

LA Rams (3-1) at Seattle Seahawks (2-2), 8:20 p.m. EDT (NFL and fubo.TV)

Well, that was an interesting week of action in the NFC West, which will be followed by another one in Week 5. And another one in Week 6; and another one in Week 7. I think you get the picture. This is the best division in the NFL, and we are going to get some good games each week. 

The Rams got blown out by Arizona at home, and now have a short week to stew and get prepared. Seattle picked up a must-win game and launched the Trey Lance era in San Fran. The home teams both lost last week in these games: can Seattle protect its turf?

Read more about this game in our Thursday Night Football Best Bets Guide.

New York Jets (1-3) at Atlanta Falcons (1-3), 9:30 a.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Well, well, well, look who is off the schneid: your very own New York Jets, who turned Tennessee into a pumpkin well before midnight on the weekend. Maybe Zach Wilson is not the worst quarterback to have ever played in the NFL.

Now, the Jets fly to London and the Tottenham Stadium to play the first game of the season across the pond. Atlanta will be their opponent, and with a little luck the Falcons could be 2-2; but they are not, they are 1-3, and in desperate need of a victory. Tough game to call here.

Detroit Lions (0-4) at Minnesota Vikings (1-3), 1p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Yes, the Lions are better. Yes, the team is playing hard under the new coach. But at some point, you have to start winning games in the NFL. Jared Goff is slinging the ball well, but the defense has to start slowing down teams.

How about this for a stat? The Minnesota Vikings have the best point differential in the NFC North, and higher than the whole AFC South, and three teams from the AFC and NFC East. They are also one of just two teams (New England, +1) with a positive point differential and a losing record. What does that tell me? Either they are extremely unlucky, and it will even out, or they don’t win close games for some reason.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) at Carolina Panthers (3-1), 1p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Carolina is one of five 5-1 teams in the NFC, after the Panthers hung with Dallas but ended up losing 36-28. However, they showed more than enough to think they will be a factor in 2021.

Maybe the same can be said for the Eagles, who put up 30 points on the Chiefs. But that is actually below the ppg. allowed this season for Kansas City. This team is looking more and more like a one-off aberration that won a Super Bowl a few years ago. If Carolina is for real, it should really be winning this game by double digits, but a win might be enough (if you take the money line).

Green Bay Packers (3-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-1), 1p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

When the Week 5 NFL schedule was released, not many people would have pegged this one as a must-watch. But here we are (no matter where you go, there you are…), and this is a clash of two 3-1 teams.

After Week 1, not many would have thought the Packers would be 3-1: they were annihilated by the Saints 38-3. But Green Bay has bounced back to win three in a row. Both units have improved since the first week debacle.

The Cincinnati Bengals have some extra rest after their Thursday night struggles with Jacksonville. But maybe that is a game they lose in the past. If Joe Mixon (high ankle sprain) can’t go, it could hamper this offense. Make sure you check the injury report links in any of the three primetime stories on How to Bet.

New Orleans Saints (2-2) at Washington Football Team (2-2), 1p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

What do you make of these two teams? As I spoke of in the opening, there are a lot of teams that are in the middle of the pack, trying to find an identity. One of these teams is going to come out of Week 5 with a 3-2 record (unless there is a tie), and set themselves up in decent shape.

Washington was impressive in a late win over Atlanta, and if this offense is cooking, the Football Team will be in good shape. The Saints gave up 400 yards passing to Daniel Jones and the NY Giants in a 27-21 overtime loss that good teams win. You could tell me this game will be 40-0 either way or anything in between, and I would believe you. Both teams are very tough to read.

Tennessee Titans (2-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4), 1p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

Talking about tough to read, how do you call yourself an AFC contender and lose to the Jets? Tennessee wins when it should lose, and loses when it should win. The Titans have Derrick Henry, but that ball control offense keeps the other team in it. Still, they are a break away from 3-1 (or a bad break away from 1-3).

The Jags are a mess. Let’s hope that no more videos get leaked onto Twitter this week. For an 0-4 team, though, Jacksonville has been in almost every game. Could they finally get a home win and break this long losing streak?

Miami Dolphins (1-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1), 1p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

Well, the homecoming is over, and Tom Brady and the Bucs survived (barely). Not many thought that game would play out the way it did, but here we are. Until the secondary and defense gets healthy, it will be on the offense to win the games. 

Miami is a mess, but has a chance to turn around its season in October, with some games it could win. This, however, is not one of them. The running game needs to get going here at some point if the Dolphins are going to turn it around this month.

New England Patriots (1-3) at Houston Texans (1-3), 1p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

While both of these teams come in at 1-3, the Pats have lost three close games, while the Texans come in off a drubbing in which they had 109 yards of offense.

ONE HUNDRED AND NINE YARDS! In a professional football game! The Bills had 450 yards and 40 points. Now, it was not quite as bad as the 1979 game between the Seahawks and Rams; in that one, the Rams outgained Seattle 475 to -7. Yikes! But it was not much better, and this could be another tough week for Houston.

Denver Broncos (3-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3), 1p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Is Teddy Bridgewater playing? No, probably not? Well then, go with the Steelers here. The Broncos might be missing starters all over the field, and have already had nine starters miss games or parts of games.

Pittsburgh is a bit of a dumpster fire right now, but might be a better play in this spot. You MUST look at the injury report late in the week if you want to bet on this game, because if Bridgewater plays, it is a different story. But he is in the concussion protocols, so it seems unlikely that he will be ready.

Chicago Bears (2-2) at Las Vegas Raiders (3-1), 4:05 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

Justin Fields did not have a field day in his first action last week against the Cleveland Browns’ defense: not many teams will this season (more on the Browns next). But he bounced back nicely Sunday, and the Bears are now 2-2, and in the NFC mix.

Cleveland Browns (3-1) at Los Angeles Chargers, 4:05 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

How good are the Browns? Well, they can do it on offense, as they have shown in the first few weeks. Baker Mayfield was atrocious in Week 4, but this defense, which is getting better every week, shut down its second straight team. 

For the Chargers, 

New York Giants (1-3) at Dallas Cowboys (3-1), 4:25 pm EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Break up the Giants! What a week it was for the two North Jersey teams (THEY PLAY IN NEW JERSEY), as both won in overtime. Daniel Jones came through, as did Saquon Barkley, to get NY moving in the right direction.

But this is a different story. We might have been very wrong about this Dallas team, which looks very good and could be 4-0 here heading into Week 5. The Dak and Zeke show is back on the air each week, and the Cowboys might be able to rack up a lot of wins in this division.

San Francisco 49ers (2-2) at Arizona Cardinals (4-0), 4:25 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

I told you. I TOLD YOU! Last season, I thought the surprise would be the Browns, and they were. Before this season, I told you to jump on the Cardinals team total of 8.5, NFC West odds, and Kyler Murray to win MVP. All of those look great after nearly a quarter of the season.

But what about San Francisco? Is the Trey Lance era going to truly kick off this weekend? It might be a tough spot, trying to go H2H with Murray. The 49ers are banged up all over the field, and if Jimmy Garoppolo plays or not, this might be another chance for the Cardinals to mark their territory.

Buffalo Bills (3-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-2), 8:20 p.m. EDT (NBC and  fubo.TV)

This is a rematch of the AFC Championship Game from late January, won by the Chiefs 38-24. But right now, you would have to say that it is the Bills that come in as the better team, mostly due to the fact that their defense is not a sieve like the Kansas City one. 

The Chiefs have been able to score points (33.5 ppg), while the Bills have two shutouts in three games. If this comes down to a battle of units, you have to give Buffalo the slight edge.

Read more about this game in our Sunday Night Football Best Bets Guide .

Indianapolis Colts (1-3) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1), 8:15 p.m. EDT (ESPN and fubo.TV)

Well, it was the last stand for the Colts, and they passed, winning 27-17 in Miami (to put the Dolphins into crisis mode). But Indy is still 1-3, and this is a tough spot to play, against the Ravens in Baltimore.

Lamar Jackson looks like he is back to his best, and this defense has proved stout. Once again, if this is a battle of units, you have to back the Ravens here.

Read more about this game in our Monday Night Football Best Odds & Bets Guide.

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