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One of the things that we do not get to talk about too often on the How to Bet podcasts is National Football League live betting.

But as I was sitting at home, watching the two late window, late start games go into overtime, and I was trying to go back and forth on my betting app placing wagers on both games (San Fran and Tampa Bay wins, LFG), it was interesting thinking about how many different ways you can win bets on NFL games.

Some people just bet spread lines wagers, and they can be broken into smaller subsections. Maybe you like to take the underdog, or the favorite, although with spread lines, that is really taken out of it: you get -110 or around there, unless you are moving the lines in the app.

With money line bettors, you can either take underdogs and hope you get the big score, or put a few favorites together in parlays to get it down to even or better money (my way to do it).

You can bet on props, over/unders, team totals, or live bettings: whatever your way to do it, if you are winning money, you are doing it correctly.

On our show, we tell you who is going to win some of the games each week, but often do not try to get into further detail about all the other bets that there are. But that is going to change soon on How to Bet.

We are going to try to dive deeper into the games, and find you even more value, because there are so many ways to win money.

Right now, you have to ride teams like Kansas City, Miami, and New England, for example: all teams with winning streaks coming into Week 15. In fact, you should have been riding them now for weeks: I have been extolling their virtues on each podcast for a while now.

This week, there is some value in taking some of the team totals (both overs and unders), some prop plays like the Race to 20 or Race to 30, and maybe even a few money line parlays.

Which ones are worth taking? Well, you will have to read on, and listen to all the How to Bet podcasts, because we are going to try to help you win even more money.

We are on fire right now, like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, so make sure you keep striking while the iron is hot.

Here is a look at all the odds and games for NFL Week 15.

NFL Week 15 Odds

Here are your updated NFL Week 10 odds, all in one place. Check back daily to see updates.

NFL Week 15 Opening (Lookahead) Spreads 

  • Kansas City Chiefs -3 at LA Chargers +3
  • Las Vegas Raiders +5.5 at Cleveland Browns -5.5
  • New England Patriots -1 at Indianapolis Colts +1
  • Carolina Panthers +9.5 at Buffalo Bills -9.5
  • Washington Football Team +2.5 at Philadelphia Eagles -2.5
  • Dallas Cowboys -10 at New York Giants +10
  • Houston Texans +3.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars -3.5
  • Tennessee Titans -2.5 at Pittsburgh Steelers +2.5
  • Arizona Cardinals -12.5 at Detroit Lions +12.5
  • New York Jets +7 at Miami Dolphins -7
  • Cincinnati Bengals -3 at Denver Broncos +3
  • Atlanta Falcons +7.5 at San Francisco -7.5
  • Green Bay Packers -2 at Baltimore Ravens +2
  • Seattle Seahawks +7 at LA Rams -7
  • New Orleans Saints +11.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -11.5
  • Minnesota Vikings -4 at Chicago Bears +4

Week 15 Schedule

Thursday, Dec. 16

Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) at Los Angeles Chargers (8-5), 8:20 p.m. EDT (NBC and fubo.TV)

This might be the game of the week, and we get it on Thursday night once again.

The first three games of Week 15 are all very interesting contests with lots of playoff ramifications. This one, with Kansas City red hot and the Bolts streaking as well, could see a lot of points scored. But since the Chiefs are now the 1985 Chicago Bears, there might not be.

Read more about this game in our Thursday Night Football Best Odds & Bets guide.

Saturday, Dec. 18

Las Vegas Raiders (6-7) at Cleveland Browns (7-6), 4:30 p.m. EDT (NFL Network and fubo.TV)

The Raiders got absolutely EMBARRASSED for the second time in four weeks against the Chiefs, trailing 35-3 at the break after they turned the ball over three times in a 48-9 rout. 

Cleveland most likely won’t put up that many points, but the Browns do come in after a massive victory over the Ravens, which blew open the AFC North race.

Can Cleveland get to 8-6, or will the Raiders win and get both to 7-7?

New England Patriots (9-4) at Indianapolis Colts (7-6), 8:15 p.m. EDT (NFL Network and fubo.TV)

If the Thursday night game is not the top one of Week 15, then this one is. Two teams that used to do battle twice a season, once in the regular season and once in the AFC playoffs, might be set up to do the same again in 2021.

Would you be stunned if these two teams met in the AFC Divisional Round? I would not be, although the Colts still have to get in the postseason. Both teams had bye weeks, which makes this even more interesting.

Read more about this game in our Saturday Night Football Best Odds & Bets guide.

Sunday, Dec. 19

Carolina Panthers (5-8) at Buffalo Bills (7-6), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

How disappointing have both of these teams been in 2021? The Panthers started 3-0, then went into the toilet, somewhat due to injuries, and somewhat due to some bad football.

But how about the Buffalo Bills, who started out 4-1 and as the books’ favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? Since then, they are 3-5, have now lost two straight and three of four, and have been exposed as frauds. I called it a month ago, and no one wanted to listen. Even with the late comeback to send the game to overtime, the Bills still lost the game, and are now 7-6.

I said it three weeks ago, two weeks ago, and will keep saying it until someone listens. They probably win here, and get in the playoffs at 10-7, but how can you trust this team with your money and a 10-point spread?

Washington Football Team (6-7) at Philadelphia Eagles (6-7), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

This is a de facto elimination game: the winner gets to .500, while the loser falls to 6-8, and probably needs to win at least two of three down the stretch, although that might not be good enough to get in the playoffs (but does either team really deserve to be?)

Washington staged a late comeback to get back in the game before falling to Dallas 27-20, while the Eagles were resting up and getting healthy. That might be a key factor in this contest.

Dallas Cowboys (9-4) at New York Giants (4-9), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

This is going to be short and sweet, except if you are a New York fan. Dallas is good, and the Giants stink, and have probably quit on their coaching staff already.

I don’t know what this line is going to end up at, but I don’t know how you can take New York here.

Houston Texans (2-11) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

I am only going to say one thing about this. If you are betting this game, you have to reevaluate why you are actually betting on NFL games. 

People will bet on it, and some will win, some will lose, but why would you actually put your money on a game like this? I could probably make cases for each team, but they will be awful cases. That was actually a lot more than one thing, but seriously? The Texans vs. the Jags? The team that actually wins this game and costs themselves a higher pick should have the whole organization canned. You play to win the game and all that though, right? 

Tennessee Titans (9-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-6-1), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

Tennessee has been impressive turning the short losing streak around, and the Titans are now back in the discussion for top seed in the AFC. Either way, they are going to get a home game in the first round, and with a decent schedule down the stretch, could be right near the top of the seeding.

Pittsburgh has done just about all it could with its injuries and aging squad, and this is probably last stand time. If the Steelers can just get one more win and stay in the race, it could be interesting. At some point, though, I think the wheels fall off the wagon.

Arizona Cardinals (10-2) at Detroit Lions (1-11-1), 1 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Detroit got its win, and can now go back to tanking for the first pick. Although it isn’t going to be the Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young, so who really cares? They are not winning anything without a decent QB.

Arizona has a decent one, though, and the Cardinals might be winning some silverware in a couple months. Kyler Murray has this team rolling towards the playoffs, and this should be a minor speed bump on the way to the postseason.

New York Jets (3-10) at Miami Dolphins (6-7), 1 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

The Saints had not beaten anyone in a month-plus, until they played the Jets. Thank you New York! Now, the red-hot Dolphins, who got a chance to rest and get healthy with a bye week, get a chance to get to .500 with their sixth-straight win of the season after a 1-7 start. Miami is going to make this run at the playoffs interesting here, and the defense has been the key: it must be fired up to face a Jets’ team that scored just nine points against New Orleans.

Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) at Denver Broncos (7-6), 4:05 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

This is another de facto playoff battle, or elimination chamber match, with two teams coming in at 7-6. Cincinnati lost its chance to pull even with the Ravens in the AFC North last week, falling to the 49ers (who are also 7-6; parity!) in overtime after taking the lead with a FG.

Denver rolled to a 38-11 win over the Lions, as Melvin Gordon III had a big afternoon to honor the passing of DeMaryius Thomas. The weather conditions could be crazy in Denver, and the Broncos home field advantage could have Empower rocking. Could Denver get another win, and set up three final games against the AFC West for all the playoff marbles?

Atlanta Falcons (6-7) at San Francisco 49ers (7-6), 4:05 p.m. EDT (CBS and fubo.TV)

What a massive game this is for the playoff hopes of both teams. Head to head is going to be a big tiebreaker at the end of this season, and with both teams coming in within a game of .500, a win for either would be massive.

Atlanta stayed alive with a 29-21 win over the Panthers, but have not been able to get to .500.

San Francisco picked up a huge overtime win in Cincinnati, with George Kittle having a monster game (13-151-1 TD). The 49ers would be a very dangerous team to face IF they can get in the NFC playoffs, which could become more of a reality with a victory here.

Green Bay Packers (10-3) at Baltimore Ravens (8-5), 4:25 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

Obviously, a lot will depend on whether or not Lamar Jackson plays in this game. They evaluated him until Monday, and a decision will probably not come until much later in the week. But at this point, the Ravens are SOOOOO banged up, it might not matter: does anyone really think they are going anywhere in the playoffs?

Green Bay, though, is primed for another deep playoff run. The Packers came back from a double-digit deficit on Sunday night as Aaron Rodgers threw four TD passes, leading the offense to 45 points. If the Ravens can’t score in this game, it could get ugly.

Seattle Seahawks (5-8) at LA Rams (8-4), 4:25 p.m. EDT (FOX and fubo.TV)

This is now a very intriguing contest, after the Seahawks got to 5-8 with a 33-13 victory over the hapless Texans. If Seattle can get another win here in LA, with the schedule it has upcoming, this season could get very interesting for the Seahawks.

The Rams are going to be in the playoffs, but there is still a question about where they are going to be in the seeding. At this point, they might be one of the teams that could pull off what the Bucs did last season: go on the road and win in the postseason.

New Orleans Saints (6-7) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-3), 8:20 p.m. EDT (NBC and fubo.TV)

Two teams that picked up huge wins will meet up in the Sunday Night Football game, with Tampa Bay hosting New Orleans.

The Bucs almost collapsed, giving away all of a 24-3 halftime lead before beating the Bills in overtime with Tom Brady’s 700th TD pass on a 94-yard drive. New Orleans finally got back in the win column, and can get to .500 and into the middle of the NFC playoff race if it can beat the Bucs for the second time this season.

Read more about this game in our Sunday Night Football Best Bets & Odds guide.

Monday, Dec. 20

Minnesota Vikings (6-7) at Chicago Bears (4-9), 8:15 p.m. EDT (ESPN and fubo.TV)

This is a playoff game for at least one of the teams involved, and it is not the Bears, because they are atrocious.

Minnesota needs to win this game, and beat Chicago in Week 18 as well, plus maybe (almost certainly) has to win another game somewhere in the next two weeks.

But can the Vikings do that, after SO MANY chances this year to get to .500 or better?

Read more about this game in our Monday Night Football Best Odds & Bets guide.

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