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How To Bet On The US Masters

The US Masters golf tournament takes place in April each year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. It is one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world, both in terms of prestige and prize money. It is also hugely popular as a betting event. In this guide we’ll teach you how to bet on the US Masters so that you can give yourself a chance to profit from it!

Introducing the US Masters Golf Tournament

The US Masters Tournament is one of the biggest professional golf tournaments in the world. It takes place every April at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. In 2021 the exact dates are 8-11 April.

As you would expect, this is a tournament that also attracts plenty of enthusiastic attention from golf fans worldwide. In this article we’ll explain how to bet on the US Masters. Our aim here is to help you have a go at turning your golfing knowledge into a tidy profit.

We’ll begin by providing you with an overview of the US Masters Tournament and how it works. You’ll then learn about some of the most popular betting markets available and what’s needed to win in them. This guide will also tell you which form aspects you should consider when making your US Masters betting selections. We’ll even answer several of the most commonly asked questions in a Betting on the US Masters FAQ. If all of that sounds good, let’s tee off!

About the US Masters Golf Tournament

The US Masters Tournament was first played in 1934. It is held in the first complete week of April so that it concludes on the second Sunday of April. It is therefore the first of four major golf championships that take place each year. The other three golf majors are the PGA Championship in May, the US Open in June and the Open Championship in July.

This is an invitational golf tournament. Most of its players receive automatic invitations according to their previous and current standings. The top 50 players in the world all receive an invite, as do the US Open champions of the last five years, the PGA champions of the last five years, the British Open champions of the last five years, and so on. The total number of players competing in 2021 is 88, and the eventual winner will receive the traditional green jacket. Not to mention a hefty share of a prize fund of around $11.5 million.

The tournament itself comprises four rounds of 18 holes, with each round being played on consecutive days. Players who manage to earn a top 50 place on the leaderboard by the end of the second round proceed to the third and fourth days, with the others being eliminated. The player with the best score at the end of the 18th hole on the fourth day wins the tournament. Should two or more players be tied in first place, a sudden death rule comes into place. The tied players then continue to play to determine the outright winner.

US Masters Betting Markets

There are millions of golf fans around the world. Many of them like to bet on the outcome of the US Masters Tournament. Sportsbooks all over the world are keen to accommodate this widespread interest. And they do so by offering a variety of US Masters betting markets.

In this section of our guide we take a look at each of the most popular betting markets in turn. We explain what they require from you as the bettor and why you might want to get involved in them.

2021 US Masters Winner

The most popular US Masters Tournament betting market is the one that requires you to predict the outright winner. All you have to do here is select the player that you think has the best chance of winning. You then bet on that player to succeed. If that player wins the tournament, your bet also wins.

This market has both pros and cons. On the positive side, a bet on the overall winner potentially gives you four days of excitement as you watch your chosen player compete to reach the top of the leaderboard and stay there. And because your chosen player must beat plenty of others to succeed, the odds available for the outright winner could be fairly generous, especially if you side with someone who isn’t the clear favorite.

On the more negative side of the equation, a bet on the winner could be over in a couple of days if your selection fails to make the cut. That would leave you to watch the last two days of the tournament without anyone to root for. Unless, of course, you were to place another bet on one of the remaining players.

Because a bet on the US Masters Winner could potentially be lost before the tournament ends, many bettors like to place several bets on several different players. This increases the chances of at least one bet continuing to run for the duration of the tournament. The generous odds mean that it’s often possible to make an overall profit no matter which one of them wins. 

US Masters First Round Leader

As we have seen, the US Masters Winner market asks you to predict the winner of the whole tournament. The First Round Leader market is a little different. It only asks you to predict which player will be at the top of the leaderboard after the first round has been played. 

This is an easier task, but it still isn’t a walk in the park. With 88 players taking part in 2021, a bet on one player would give you 87 possible ways to lose. Of course, not every golfer competing will have an equal chance of winning. Your chances of success could therefore be much better than that. It all depends on how good you are at assessing golfing form. And how well your selection plays up to his past form in the event itself.

Again, you can increase your chances of winning in this market by betting on several selections. The number of selections that you could profitably bet on will depend on the odds you can get for them. If the shortest priced selection is available at odds of +800, for example, you could bet on as many as seven others and still show an overall profit even if the shortest priced selection wins.

US Masters Top 5/10/20/40 Finish

For those bettors who want to have a decent chance of making a winning bet, but who don’t want to bet on several different players in the Winner or First Round Leader markets, there are plenty of Top betting markets to take a look at. These require you to select a player who you think will achieve a Top 5 Finish, a Top 10 Finish, a Top 20 Finish or even a Top 40 Finish. This means that your bet will win if your selected player manages to finish the tournament with a top 5, 10, 20 or 40 position, respectively.

The odds offered about players in these markets will be less generous than those in the Winner and First Round Leader markets. That's because a player has a much better chance of achieving a Top position than winning the tournament outright. For example, assuming all players have equal ability (simply for purposes of illustration) a player has a:

  • 5 in 88 (5.68%) chance of getting a Top 5 finish.
  • 20 in 88 (22.72%) chance of getting a Top 20 finish.

Compared with a 1 in 88 (1.13%) chance of winning outright.

Of course, these markets also make it possible to bet on several players and have several winners. You could potentially bet on five players in a Top 5 Finish market and have all of your bets win if all of those players occupy a top five position on the leaderboard.

US Masters Two- and Three-Ball Markets

Golfers will usually head out onto the course in small groups of two or three, and many sportsbooks allow you to bet on which player will perform best in a given group. A betting market involving two golfers is known as a Two-Ball and a betting market with three golfers is known as a Three-Ball. Your aim in these markets is simply to predict which of those two or three players will have the best round. If your prediction is correct, your bet wins, otherwise it loses.

The good thing about these markets is that they are totally separate to the main event as far as your bet is concerned. You could therefore bet on a player to win a Two- or Three-Ball matchup and have it win even if none of those players do particularly well in the tournament as a whole. 

Feel Free to Mix and Match

Many people who bet on the US Masters like to place a selection of different bets. This is instead of putting all of their eggs into one basket, and can be well worth considering. For example, imagine that you believe that a certain golfer has a great chance of winning the tournament outright. You could bet on any Two- or Three-Ball market that he is named in, as well as on the same player achieving a Top 10 Finish. This could help you to make an overall profit even if he doesn’t win the tournament itself. And if he does win the tournament as a whole, your other bets could also have won in the process.

US Masters Form Aspects to Note

The key to success in betting on the US Masters, as when betting on other major sporting events, is the ability to pick winners. Whether you want to bet on the outright winner, or on a player to finish in the Top 5, or to beat his opponents in a Two- or Three-Ball matchup, you need to know who to side with.

Unfortunately, there is no magic secret to picking winners. All you can do is look at how players have performed in the past and then, on that basis, try to predict which player has the best chance in the coming event.

The sportsbooks have already done much of this already, and you can quickly see who they view as having the best chance by looking at the players to whom they have assigned the shortest odds. However, if you also want to do a little form study of your own, here are some of the main form aspects that you should be considering and comparing.

Current Ranking

The current ranking of a golfer is as good a reflection of their current ability as any other. A golfer who is ranked in the top 10 has a much better shot at winning a major like the US Masters than one who is only just hanging on to a more lowly position in the top 50. 

Average Course Performance

Look at how players have performed over the same course in earlier tournaments. Whilst they might fare better during the US Masters this time around than they have previously, their average course performance is probably as good a guide as you’ll get before the tee off.

Current Fitness

A golfer who is having any kind of fitness issues is always a less confident betting selection than one who isn’t. Check to see if your preferred selection is fit and healthy, and that he isn’t being niggled by any kind of injury.


Psychology plays a big part in golf, and a player who is hungry and keen to win is a far better bet than one who might just be turning up for old time’s sake. A previous champion is always worth careful consideration, as is any golfer who only needs a US Masters win to complete his collection of major titles.

Dustin Johnson - The Sportsbook Favorite for 2021

Given all of this, it isn’t hard to see why Dustin Johnson is the favorite to win the 2021 US Masters. Johnson won this event in 2020, and he also won the US Open in 2016. He is also number 1 in the current PGA Tour World Rankings. So it’s a fair assumption that he has at least as good a chance as any of the other golfers who will take part. Whether or not that excellent form will translate to another green jacket at Augusta, only time will tell.

Betting on the US Masters FAQ

Who won the 2020 US Masters golf tournament?

Dustin Johnson won the 2020 US Masters golf tournament.

When is the 2021 US Masters golf tournament?

The 2021 US Masters golf tournament begins on Thursday, 8 April and concludes on Sunday, 11 April.

Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?

The US Masters golf tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

How much prize money is offered by the US Masters golf tournament?

The prize fund for the 2021 US Masters golf tournament is $11.5 million.

Where can I bet on the 2021 US Masters golf tournament?

All US sportsbooks have a number of US Masters betting markets to choose from, including DraftKings and FanDuel.